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  • Olivier Clavel, the water artist

    The artist invites you in to the world of his imagination

    I have spent over ten years getting to know this world and, forged by these years of experience, today I feel that a craftsman, an artist, is an individual who makes pieces, gradually cultivating and mastering his technique, his expertise and his art. Every day he is developing his technical skills, his creativity, his poetry and his dream to give meaning to his creations, his actions and his gestures.

    Since I was a child, water has been an integral part of my life. I spent time in the countryside, where I was able to experiment with nature; my parents always gave me opportunities to play with her. Inspired by my father’s great talent for DIY and my mother’s for gardening, I was a child full of imagination, an artist in the making. At the age of 17, my passion for water took me on a vocational pathway in aquaculture. I took all my courses at the college in Canourgue, Lozère, taking options in fish farming, aquaculture and aquaculture techniques. Thanks to placements in the workplace leading to qualifications, this renowned school provided me with a wide range of experience in water management. At the same time, I developed my tastes for art and crafts. Drawing, painting and sculpture are part of my world and hold a real fascination for me.

    Portrait d'Olivier Clavel

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    Olivier Clavel : a name and a signature

    Water was at the heart of my creations when I launched Aquazen in 2003. Originally from Montpellier, a city of light and water in the south of France, I continued to deepen my knowledge of this element, responding increasingly to commissions which gave carte blanche to my creativity. Now in my early forties, my expertise and my passion are in full evidence; the objects and projects I create are increasingly unique and original. My name, Olivier Clavel, has also become my signature.

    Today, I am moved by the determination and the desire to give free rein to the artist inside me, to let him take centre stage, as technical expertise has become such a strong part of my approach. Life’s unpredictable events, encounters and new partnerships all make this work possible. I would like to proudly invite you to discover it…