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    By Olivier Clavel

    ZAE de l’Orthus

    34270 Sauteyrargues

    +33(0)4 67 15 01 91

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    Lat: 43.847542 Long: 3.918127

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    Our Montpellier Showroom

    icône showroom

    Our Montpellier showroom

    My world, wich is given material form in my creations, can be fully appreciated in my exhibition space (showroom with true-size versions of different installations) close to Montpellier

    There, you will be able to see the full expression of my expertise and the strength of my feeling for art, as well as the fun i have with water,a pleasure, a visual, tactile and acoustic dialogue that strikes a chord with us.

    You will find ponds, fountains and aquariums there, to give you an introduction to this original and unusual art space.

    With the foothills of Cévennes as a backdrop, scrubland and sunshine surround us. This space is alive with fulfilment and emotion. Matter and materials intermingle with inspiration, expertise, technique and design. Everything is created in line with a concept of the ‘smart house’ where home automation plays its part to the full in providing a stage for aquatic life and the work of the landscape designer.
    My fellow craftsmen have left their trace of eccentricity, their artistic touches, perfectly showcasing how our talents can be combined in your projects.

    In the evening, the essence of my work comes into its own: the lighting system paints the space with little touches of white or coloured light, revealing here and there the shapes and the movements of the water and putting the finishing touches to this landscape painting, ‘Water landscaping’.
    Book now to experience this moment of emotion and sharing. I would be delighted to show you my creations, to act as a source of inspiration for your projects.

    Opening hours

    By appointment only

    Tuesday : 9am/12pm – 2/6pm

    Wednesday : 9am/12pm – 2/6pm

    Saturday : 9am/12pm


    Water, By Olivier Clavel, movie clip