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    Olivier Clavel, water landscape art designer

    Coming from a vocational pathway related to water called ‘Aquaculture’, I decided to use my skills for artistic purposes and I created my profession of ‘water landscaping’.

    Since I am sensitive to the simplicity of materials and have a great interest in nature, I combine the quiet force of water with my artistic skills. I am constantly researching ways to push the boundaries of my art further, so I surround myself with complementary skills to my work, such as master glassmakers, painter/decorators, boiler makers, designers, architects and landscape gardeners.

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    On this page you can learn about the history of the ByOlivierClavel company, as well as founder Olivier Clavel himself.

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    Contemporary, natural and Zen creations, learn more about how I create.


    On this page, I pass on details of my approach for getting to grips with water as an element.

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    Browse the material that inspires me.