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  • Custom creations for added originality

    Four aquatic worlds are on offer

    My artistic expertise takes the world of the fountain, the pond, the aquarium and the bathing in unusual directions. Each project is created for you according to your aesthetic preferences and backed up by the technical skills and expertise for which I am known.

    I only work with premium-quality, sustainable materials. I am based in the Montpellier region, but I travel across the whole of France and beyond.

    All the projects are created in my offices and their manufacture is managed by me and my own technical team. I can also work just on plans and studies for my creations, with or without delivery of materials.

    I am offering my technical skills in combination with plans and 3D views. The cost of this service is worked out on a case-by-case basis, but the idea is to offer a flat-rate for my creative and technical skills without my labour costs.
    Would you like to feel more at ease? At your request, I can monitor the work to ensure greater peace of mind.

    Rivière en verre murale

    Some bespoke aquatic creations

    100% zen maintenance… Admire and make the most of your project with complete peace of mind

    Thorough maintenance care ensures that your aquatic universe has a long life and retains its splendour.

    In line with a work schedule, you can entrust the aftercare of your aquarium (fresh water, sea water), your garden pond or your fountain to me…

    A contract validated by both parties for a minimum of one year clearly explains the service order, the number of visits a month or half year, as well as travel.

    Prices are available on quotation after we have itemised and analysed the aquatic environment to be maintained.

    Trust and responsibility are the foundations of this service. All you need to do is enjoy this unencumbered universe.

    Mud aspirator

    Easy to use and maintain for optimum comfort

    I have also created fountains in a choice of different materials and defined dimensions as part of a limited edition for you.

    Fill it up, plug it in, and there you have it! My artistic world in your home thanks to Plug & Play!

    The expertise and unique design of French craftsmanship.