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  • Preferred materials for my water tables

    Let yourself be carried away by the multiplier effects of feelings

    Substances and materials are at the core of the choice taking place here. They are the preferred medium of a palette of harmonies, at the same time as reinforcing some of the effects of these aquatic tables. Rough or polished concrete, patina, stone, metal, wood, resin, colour, transparent glass, translucent, opaque, etc.

    Just let yourself be carried away by all these effects which multiply sensations.

    The emotion we’re looking to achieve in these assemblies must be accurate and fair.

    This is why I surround myself with artists and skilled craftspeople, who are able to find the appropriate technique and adapt different functionalities to fit my creative follies. These include the excellent master glassmaker Christian Fournier, or the extravagant Cyril Hazard, precision boiler maker, and many more, all of whom have acquired a specialist, rigorous knowledge of their craft, which they constantly refresh.

    However, the emotion would not be there if we did not master the aesthetic appeal and the durability of the aquatic part.

    icône bambouMy concepts use source materials of the highest quality

    Water is a very complex element, moving and full of life, it takes on all the forms we give it, its characteristics varying depending on the geographical areas where it is located.

    The technique is therefore a very precise one, at the cutting edge of technology. But, at the same time, it is compact and concealed, allowing only the joy of water to shine through. I will show you these technical aspects, finished and perfected right up to the smallest detail, designed and made from materials of the highest quality, as that is where my concepts and the desired water effects originate.

    Limescale treatment, biological filtration, ultraviolet filtration, automatic level reset and remote-control home automation for flow and colours: these are all available to make everyday use easier.

    Thanks to my skills, I am able to guarantee these technical aspects but I also work with sought-after experts in areas such as electricity, plumbing, aquarium-keeping, fountain building, home automation, landscaping, entertainment, etc.

    Several major brands have partnered up with me: Oase (ponds and fountains), Somfy (home automation), ESL (events).